Michael Paul Kennedy has composed music for a variety of films including Jacob Streilein's award winning animated shorts "Punctuwool" and "There's a Man in the Woods." He's also written for Madeline Sharafian's well-received animation "Acorn." A number of films he's scored have been chosen as Vimeo staff picks and "Punctuwool" is a featured Disney Short. Other films have been in festivals worldwide. He has also recently worked on the live-action drama "Ceiling" and is currently writing music for Daniel St. George's animated web novel "Catalist" and Michael Ho's live-action series "Roommates."He studied music composition and film scoring at California Institute of the Arts and received his Ph.D. in composition from Duke University. His work for film trailers and other productions is published by redCola and Immediate Music. He is currently living in Los Angeles.
For further inquiries regarding film scoring or music for other productions contact info@mkennedymusic.com. For production music, please contact redCola and Immediate Music.
Michael Paul Kennedy|Composer